We take our inspiration from the design and details of your home, whether you want to keep the style you currently have or are looking to achieve something different. We ensure features like cornice, architrave and door designs are taken into consideration and are incorporated into the furniture so that it sits beautifully into your home. Our kitchens are all individually hand built for you. 

The kitchen is at the very heart of the house where we spend a huge amount of our time, entertaining, eating, working, relaxing, talking - no other room needs to be quite so versatile.All aspects of the design are considered and are unique to you and your lifestyle. We use the best materials available which in doing so means the quality of our furniture is always of a superior standard.Our furniture is made in the 'old-fashioned' traditional manner; handmade doors and fascias have tenon joints and our solid wood drawer boxes have dovetail joints and sit flush to the surface. We marry the best of traditional joinery skills with the best of today's component technology allowing us to bring together the best of both worlds - precision and performance.

Our carcases are made from Birch faced board of which is lacquered for easy cleaning. We use MDF as it is an engineered wood and is very strong. The front frames are made of Tulip wood the doors are also Tulip wood if it a hand painted piece. We can however make your kitchen from any hardwood you desire. We use MDF in the door panels to reduce the chances of shrinkage cracks. MDF has no grain which makes it perfect for hand painting.