In House Design Consultant

The Heathfield showroom now welcomes an in house interior design consultant offering a complete service from lighting layouts and design specification to project management. 

Project Management & Interior Design

If you are planning a refurbishment, extension or remodelling, of any size from small to large, we have significant experience of project management - working closely with architects, structural engineers and appropriate building trades. 

We can ensure that your project is brought in on time and budget.
By managing the planning and construction side of your project, we can also allow for plumbing, electrical installation, sound systems, lighting, furniture and soft furnishings from the outset – avoiding later problems when the interiors are designed.

Kitchen & Furniture Design Service

Everything at the Willow Tree is made and designed in our Sussex workshop and showroom in Heathfield unless otherwise stated. To achieve this, we take measurments of your room to ensure that maximum space is utilised and you can get the most out of your space and furniture.

As well as this, you become our first point of reference; by telling us what you want from the space, and how much time you spend in the room, can really help us create an area that is both functional and beautiful. From this we can then work in extra features and character, colourschemes you love, textures and worktops to really make your dreams a reality.

There are two main ways to take advantage of our design service. The first is to come into the showroom for a full design service appointment; this involves us working together to create a basic plan of what you would like, for our designers to then draw in our digital drawing programme which can take up to two weeks. The second way is to fill in your details online, and with this information we can create your digital drawing from there. This option can take up to three weeks. With this in mind, in busy periods we always work to a first come first serve basis. The more information you give can our designers, the easier it is to present you with your ideal kitchen design quote first time around. Please follow the bullet points when sending in your kitchen plans (by email to or by post).

• Full address and contact details• Your time scales for the project and budget

• A dimensioned room plan - this can be a simple hand drawn one, but we do need to have the shape of the room, the size and location of windows, doors, and ceiling heights shown, along with any other features that may hinder the placement of furniture.

• Information on your appliances such a make and model numbers for fridges, cookers, extractors, etc. (existing or to be purchased) so we can get exact measurments. Please bare in mind that appliance relocation can be organised if you want a more suitable layout.

We understand that sometimes it can be hard to visualse or express the kind of kitchen you want. If you want to supply a Wish List of everthing you love about kitchens you’ve seen in magazines, or that friends have or even photos or links to Pinterest boards are great tools we can use.

We will contact you shortly after receiving your kitchen information and if necessary we will call you to talk through your project and fill in any missing details. Clients who choose to visit us usually take precedence, and we will always try to prepare your drawings prior to or during your visit.

From start to finish, we want your kitchen to become the kitchen you enjoy spending time in, that becomes the hub of the home, and is the envy of your friends. Our qualified designers and master craftsmen put care and love into every piece of furniture they create, and we are sure you will love them too.

T: (Heathfield) 01435 863844

T: (Stonegate) 01580 200617