Design Freedom

By removing the need for extractor hoods and ceiling ducting you are free to design your kitchen exactly the way you want it. A hob under the window

Clear View

The unique BORA extraction system removes the need for extractor hoods and their associated obstructions, edges and corners. This is particularly helpful in open-plan kitchens.

Exceptional quality

High-quality materials ensure excellent functionality and a long service life. All metallic parts of BORA extractors are made from pure stainless steel and the HiLight and induction hobs are made of glass ceramic material, which is free from heavy metals.

Physics can be so elegant

We suction cooking vapours and odours away precisely where they arise: directly at the cooktop, from pots, roasters, frying pans or grills. And we do this not by magic, but by applying the basic principles of fluid mechanics. We simply use a cross flow which is greater than the rising speed of the cooking vapour.


BORA the end of the extractor hood 

The BORA cooktop is heralding the end of the extractor hood - a compact system for any kitchen, and revolutionises behaviour in the kitchen. The induction cooktop with integrated cooktop extractor is impressive in both its exhaust air and recirculation variants.

Did you know that cooking vapours rise at a maximum of one metre per second? The BORA cooktop extractor draws off the vapour in a downward direction at about four metres per second! The higher lateral flow removes cooking vapours and smells effectively and directly at the cooktop.

The BORA cooktop combines all the benefits of the established cooktop extractors (cooking in the fresh air without an annoying hood, space-saving technology, extremely low noise and high-quality materials) with a compact format at an attractive, value-for-money price, without compromising on function or design.

Willow Tree Interiors are delighted to be the newest stockist of the BORA glass ceramic induction cooktop with cookertop recirculation extractor. We have a fully functioning BORA cooktop on display in both of our showrooms. At Willow Tree Heathfield, we have the BORA Classic on display, and at Willow Tree Stonegate, we have the BORA Basic. Please pop in to our of our showrooms for more information, to take a look and to try the BORA cooktop for yourself. 

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