The master suite, the guest room, the childrens’ bedroom; all important places that need to be calm, tranquil and beautiful to encourage sleep.We can create bespoke fitted wardrobes, as well as freestanding drawers and tall boys to complement the space you have. With fitted lights, secret drawers and built in mirrors, we can make a piece of furniture to suit your needs whilst maximising your storage. Painted in colours to suit your décor, you can make your bedroom spectacular; finished with simple and elegant lines, or ornate features.
Not forgetting the little people, we can make smaller sized items for childrens’ rooms to ensure they can reach their clothes to make the morning routine a bit smoother. Clever storage to hide away toys, as well as cabin beds to create a magical space whilst they are young enough to play which can then grow with them and turn into a desk space; functionality and design combining to make furniture last a lifetime.
Burnthouse Farm Gallery