Total Control

The new AGA Total Control is the next generation AGA heat-storage cooker with greater flexibility for 21st century living, the result of many years of research. With it's simple to use touch-screen panel, you can choose which part of the cooker is on. And for the first time ever here is an AGA cooker you can switch on and off as you please.


The iconic AGA cooker has been the heart of the home for decades. However, we know that since the AGA cooker was invented in 1922 there have been many lifestyle changes and it’s not always necessary to have the AGA cooker on all the time. That’s why AGA developed some new flexible models and now, an AGA cooker can really fit into every home and lifestyle. 

AGA cookers are built from cast iron which is a fantastic material for retaining and, even more importantly, radiating heat. It cooks using radiant heat which is gentle on food and locks in moisture, flavour and goodness, meaning the food you serve tastes delicious.

On top of that AGA owners will tell the same story and that is that an AGA will become a heart of house 

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