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At The Willow Tree Workshop we are very excited to be the South East dealer of the new BORA extractor hobs. We believe this is an absolutely fantastic product and opens up many design possibilities in the kitchen. The benefits of this hob with built in extractor are as follows:

No extractor hoods projecting out at head height - For open plan kitchen areas this is great news. All of the steam gets immediately sucked away with the powerful extraction system.

Noise - The BORA extractor hobs are very quiet and significantly quieter than most extractors in the market place.

Climate - Because the cooking vapours are immediately extracted this means that there are very few odours lingering in the kitchen for days after cooking!

Freedom in Planning - There are no planning constraints with the BORA hobs which means that it can be positioned wherever you want....even under a window!

Energy Saving - The BORA hobs are much more environmentally friendly than convenional hobs/hoods.

Cleaning - The BORA hobs are extremely easy to clean, just remove the moving parts and put in the dishwasher....easy!

Quality - The build-quality of the extractor hob is fantastic....come and see for yourself in our Stonegate showroom!

BORA hobs are available as induction, ceramic or gas and come in various sizes.

For more info on BORA please click here.

We have a working BORA induction hob in our Stonegate showroom so please call 01580 200617 for more info or to book a cooking demo. We guarantee you will be impressed with this product!

We are happy to supply BORA products on a 'supply only' basis so please contact us for a price. We offer free UK delivery and excellent prices. Call us now!

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